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A Little Idea Making a Big Difference

The Kindness Project started in January 2005 in Austin,Texas. The concept was created after a group of friends realized that the less friendly strangers were to them,the less friendly they were in return. They felt as though they themselves were becoming the type of cold, distant person they typically avoided. Stemming from the golden rule -do unto others as you would have them do unto you- these friends were inspired by the idea of using a token to recognize the small things that people do for one another.

It is often the simple things such as helping someone with their groceries or paying for a stranger's coffee that can greatly impact someone's outlook and attitude. The friends felt that if these small acts of kindness were recognized in some way, people would be more motivated to reciprocate kindness. They loved the idea that small acts of kindness could unite not only neighbors but strangers around the world.

The friends wanted to come up with a concrete way to remind people that kind acts and words are truly appreciated. Thus, the Kindness Project was born. They thought that a small token would be perfect to acknowledge random acts of kindness. The tokens are meant to be passed on to someone in recognition of a small, kind act done for you. The tokens, combined with the online tracking system, aim to spread kindness and provide a way to follow its trail around the world.